Monday, October 17, 2011

Energy Themed Videos

For my class, Social Media for Social Change, we've been asked to share online videos related to our BGI Beat Blog topic. My topic is energy efficiency, and I found a couple good videos to share. A couple other entertaining videos about environmental issues are posted on my Professional Learning Journal.

1. BASF Energy Efficiency - The World in 2030 (4:22). This one is very "this is why energy is so important." Yet it identifies the single most important future source of energy. Did you guess correctly?

2. A Guide to Energy Efficient Lighting (2:18). If we get talking, you will quickly learn about my passion for energy efficient lighting. It is so much better than its cracked up to be. It has a pretty crappy reputation because of all the junk beta product on store shelves in the early days. Sad to say, there's still a lot of junk, or at least tech that is not the best solution for people's needs. This is unfortunate for the well-intentioned buyer. It takes a bit of research to figure this rapidly evolving field out, and available info is not especially geared to the residential or small business customer. Don't worry, I am happy to help you figure it out. Sorry - this link appears to be broken. The source is aware of the problem and it looks like they've taken the video down for some reason.

3. How to Save Energy at Home: A Quick Guide (2:25). 10 tips in 2 minutes. Nicely done.

Can you suggest other good video pieces about energy efficiency? Feel free to post some of your favorites in the comments section.

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